Achieve Balance Counselling

Child Counselling

Understanding Your Child's Challenges

Is your child facing difficulties in managing emotions, anxiety, or adapting to life changes?

They might be showing signs of distress through changes in behavior, struggles with social interactions, or difficulties in school.

Whether it’s dealing with the effects of bullying, navigating neurodivergence in relationship to others, or coping with trauma, these types of challenges can significantly affect your child’s daily life. You may observe your child struggling with the following:

• Difficulty in regulating emotions leading to meltdowns or withdrawal.

• Signs of anxiety in new or familiar situations.

• Struggles with transitions or changes in routine.

• Challenges in forming or maintaining friendships.

• Resistance to attending school or participating in activities.

At Achieve Balance Counselling, we recognize each child’s unique needs and use a blend of play, sand, art, and tailored therapeutic approaches to support their healing and growth.

How Play Therapy Can Help Your Child

  • Gain an understanding of emotional challenges and triggers.
  • Develop strategies to manage and express emotions effectively.
  • Build resilience and coping skills for anxiety and stress.
  • Learn to navigate life transitions and bullying issues.
  • Enhance social skills and improve peer interactions.
  • Support neurodivergent children in finding their strengths and being comfortable with who they are.
  • Foster a healthier, happier daily life through creative and engaging methods.


Achieve Balance Counselling offers a unique blend of directive and non-directive methods, including play therapy, sand tray work, EMDR, art, and outdoor activities tailored to each child’s needs.

A Brighter Path for Your Child

Your child’s journey to emotional balance and well-being is unique, and we’re here to guide you and your child every step of the way. At Achieve Balance Counselling, our approach is child-centred, incorporating play, sand, art, and individualized strategies. We’ll explore their emotions, strengths, and challenges.

Together, we’ll set goals for your child’s growth, and provide them with the tools and support they need to thrive, all within a nurturing and creative therapeutic environment.

Frequently asked questions about play therapy

Play therapy is collaborative and tailored to each child. It focuses on understanding their feelings and behaviours. Techniques within the play, sand, art, and movement help children to work through whatever is bringing them to counselling and to learn how to express and manage their emotions. Feedback from and to parents/caregivers is crucial to ensure the therapy aligns with your child’s needs.

Signs may include things such as emotional outbursts, withdrawal, trouble in school, or changes in behavior. Counselling can help address these issues and improve overall well-being.

Please fill out the Counselling Inquiry Form for New Clients to put in a counselling application and we will reach out to you within one week. When we have a space to start seeing your child you will start with an Intake Session which will help your child’s counsellor to understand your child’s needs and how they can help. This Intake Session will also allow you to decide if you believe the counsellor will be a good fit for your child.